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About me!

I have always had a close relationship with knives.

I think I got my first knife when I was only 4 years old, a small dull jackknife that I loved. It was also the knife that taught me how to treat and how to use a knife.


I made my first knife over 20 years ago and it was an old mora knife blade that I gave a new handle. Nothing big really but this is where I sowed a seed for my future passion in life.

It's only been a couple of years since I started making knives for real. I had worked as a chef for almost 20 years, a career probably chosen subconsciously of my big interest in knives, and I was thinking ”how hard can it be to make a kitchen knife”? If I would have known the answer to that question, I probably had not tried it at all, but when I managed to make the first one from scratch I was totally hooked!


I felt like this is the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life, and now a couple of years and many knives later I consider myself a part time knifemaker!

To combine my love for the craft and the many years of experience as a chef have got me to a point where I can produce a high-end kitchen knife that will perform every day for a long, long time, and can be used for generations!

So, when you hold a knife made by me Lundbergs, you will hold a large piece of my heart and soul in your hands. Because that's what I'm trying to create: "The absolute best knife I can ever make". And I will never stop trying to develop my skills and get better at this craft, the craft I really love!


With best regards

Mattias Lundbergs, @steelbylundbergs

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